Schedule Planner Pro

Forget everything you know about Schedule Planner - our premium productivity solution has evolved!

There’s dozens of all-new features, more ways than ever to stay on top of your busy schedule, and a completely redesigned interface geared to help you get yourself organized faster than ever before.

Read on and discover what the next generation of Schedule Planner has in store for you:

Get the power to plan out your daily tasks in mere seconds & guarantee you make the most of every day! You get more done when you start out with a clear plan. Its simple really - productivity comes from structure - and that’s exactly what Schedule Planner gives you.

More Seamlessly coordinate important tasks, gauge & control how efficiently you work through different projects, and end your days accomplishing everything you need to!

Schedule Planner aids users in planning out daily activity and tracking what tasks they’ve actually done. Utilizing it’s innovative “Planned versus Actual” tab concept the app gives you a precise understanding of what your priorities are and what you’ve accomplished.

Busy users are provided with a flexible set of categories ranging from “Health” and “Shopping”, to “Work” and many others to categorize tasks with. Once you pick your category simply input the nature of each task as a time-block including your desired start & end times, alarms, and additional notes.

You can also plan out and input daily plans, appointments, and events in advance and review them whenever you want via Schedule Planner’s twin-mode graphic calendar. To boot, tasks are color coded by category to enable you to see how your day is going to pan out at a glance.

The world is busier than ever. Get the Schedule Planner advantage, optimize your time to a tee, and become more productive than you ever thought you could be starting now.

Schedule Planner Features:

✔ User friendly “Planned” day planning interface
✔ Well-rounded task creation editor
✔ Ability to color code tasks by category
✔ Calendar (month/list)
✔ Color coded diagram to view tome breakdown
✔ Task categories by focus; Work, Meals, Health, etc.
✔ Arrange options for lists
✔ Swipe to switch between days
✔ Move and duplicate tasks
✔ Reassign categories in edit mode
✔ Repeating task feature
✔ Full-featured list of categories
✔ Alerts and notifications
✔ Google Calendar
✔ iCal integration
✔ Automated data backup

Schedule Planner Pro is developed by INTERSOG LLC.

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